Top Items to Pack When Travelling With Pets

If you’re travelling with pets, it pays to do a little planning in advance. When taking a trip by public transport, there are a few key items you should bring. Here are our top picks for things to take on a journey with pets.

Comfort Items

For many pets, travelling can be stressful. And even if you’re a travel expert like Chase, it’s still nice to kick back and relax while making a journey. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring some comfort items for your trip.

Blankets (and a boot) keep the lads comfortable on a long train journey from Inverness

We normally carry fluffy blankets with us for long train or bus journeys. This allows the dogs to relax and maybe go to sleep in a comfortable position while we go from place to place. Spreading the blanket out can also show your pet where you want them to rest. This is a good way of stopping your pet from blocking passageways or doors.

A favourite toy can help a journey run smoothly

Does your pet have any toys or other items that help them to relax? You may wish to bring these along too to help your animals settle.


The Great British weather always keeps us on our toes. Even on a beautiful sunny day, a downpour might be just around the corner. So, bring a raincoat when you’re off on your travels.

A light raincoat keeps Chase dry on a damp day in Perth

Keeping your pet warm with coats is especially important if you have a short-haired dog (like a greyhound!). We use thick, fur-lined coats in winter and smaller raincoats in the warmer months. This varied wardrobe allows our hounds to change their outfits to suit the weather, looking stylish in the process!

Snacks and Drinks

Keeping your pets well-fed and watered while you’re on the road is essential. Snacks will help to keep a dog happy and relaxed. They can also be used to reinforce positive behaviour when out and about.

Snacks are always welcome when out and about

If you’re on a longer journey, you might want to bring bowls and full meals. If we’re out past dinner time, we bring a few tins of food and put dry food into Tupperware containers or Ziploc bags.

Remember to bring water and a bowl. If you have trouble getting your dog to drink when out and about,  check out our ideas for keeping your pet hydrated.

Chase drinks water at a cafe while lying on his comfy blanket

First Aid Kit

A pet first aid kit is a must. While travelling with pets is very safe in general, you never know what might happen. Keeping a few simple medical supplies to hand will allow you to act fast in an emergency.

You never know when a bandage might come in handy!

We bring a kit containing:

  • Cloths and wet wipes
  • Bandages
  • Gauze and tape
  • Saline and disinfectant
A simple supermarket bandage can work wonders

You may wish to bring slightly different items depending on your pet’s needs. Even a small first-aid kit can really help.

Safe Travels!

Packing a bag in advance can help you and your pets to enjoy your journeys. Think carefully about anything that might be helped to bring along. Looking for more travel tips? Follow us on Facebook to keep track of our latest posts.

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