How to Prepare Your Dog for Home Boarding Services

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to take our dogs wherever we wish. Sadly, there are some places that pets simply can’t visit. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay at home!

Sending your dog on a trip to a home boarding service while you go travelling is a great way to ensure they are well taken care of. Many dogs don’t thrive in a kennel environment, so home boarding is a great alternative.

Let’s take a look at some tips for using a dog home boarding service.

Find the Right Service

Home boarding services work differently from business to business. Some services offer exclusive boarding, while others have multiple dogs staying at once. Think carefully about your dog’s needs before making a decision.

The best services should make communication a priority. They ought to let you know how your dog is settling in and send you regular pictures and updates from their stay.

Chase settles in for his stay in boarding

There are a couple of home boarding services in Scotland that we like to use. Our favourite is Greycations. They are a greyhound-exclusive luxury boarding service in Wemyss Bay, close to a beach. We like the service because our dogs can relax in a home environment and they don’t have to board with other dogs.

Explain Your Dog’s Needs

Before your dog goes to stay at a boarding service, you should carefully explain their needs. When does your dog normally go for walks or have meals? The best boarding services try to replicate your home routine as much as possible.

Lewis loves the big windows at Greycations

Don’t be afraid to tell the boarding service about any unusual needs your dog might have. If they require a treat at the end of their walks or like to wear their fluffy pyjamas to bed, be open about it. This will help your dog to enjoy their time away from home.

Arrange a Trial

Before sending your dog to board, you should arrange a trial stay. This will help the boarding service to get to know your dog and allow your pet to settle in.

If your dog will only be boarding for a short time, a few hours might be enough to help them settle. If they are boarding for several days, it’s best to arrange an overnight trial.

It didn’t take long for Chase to settle into boarding

Don’t worry if the trial period doesn’t run 100% smoothly. When Chase first went to Greycations, he felt very anxious and cried all night. But soon enough, he felt comfortable enough to relax and now there’s a lot of tail wagging when he goes to boarding.

Ask About Activities and Enrichment

The best home boarding services don’t just give your dog a place to stay. They should also allow your four-legged friend to enjoy their own vacation! Find out about different activities offered by a boarding service, like walks, playtime or trips to nearby attractions.

The lads love an adventure when boarding

These activities allow your dog to have fun and feel less stressed. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind when you see your dog having fun.

Chase loves having fun outside at Greycations

When our dogs stay at Greycations, they have plenty of fun. There is an enclosed outdoor space for them to play in and they can take trips to the beach and nearby parks. They also get to use lick mats with peanut butter!

Prepare a Bag

Your dog will need a few things for their trip. Carefully prepare a bag before they go to ensure they have everything they need. Be sure to include:

  • Enough food for the entire stay (plus a bit extra for safety)
  • Any required medication
  • A coat (especially important during the colder months)
  • Some treats
We packed a whole suitcase for Chase on his first stay!

A blanket or toy from home can sometimes be helpful. The scent and feel of a familiar item can help your dog to settle into a new environment.

Research the Best Home Boarding Services for Dogs

Home boarding services are the best way to keep your dog happy and comfortable while you’re away from home. When you take your time to research the best services, your dog is sure to have a great time on their own little holiday.

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