Buddies on the Beach – Visiting Troon With Dogs

Lewis the greyhound stands on Troon Beach, wearing a purple coat and a birthday badge.

Troon is a small coastal town in Ayrshire. It is surrounded by resort areas, but Troon is still worth a visit. We decided it would be the perfect destination for Lewis’s fifth birthday outing. This dog-friendly destination was an ideal spot for the festivities!

Getting to Troon

There are hourly train services to Ayr from Glasgow Central, and these provide some excellent opportunities for sightseeing. You’ll pass through the hills of Renfrewshire, where you’ll have the chance to see glittering lochs and the Kenmure Hill temple.

Moving into Ayrshire, the scenery only improves. Travelling along the coastline, you can get a view over the water to the Isle of Arran, the largest and best-known of the Isles of the Firth. The path here is a little rough, so it may not be suitable for dogs with sensitive paws.

Troon has two train stations. Troon Station is centrally located and perfect for convenience. But we chose to alight one station earlier, at Barassie. From here, you can take a 15-minute walk along Barassie Beach which will take you to Troon. On the way, you can enjoy views of the Isle of Arran and Troon Port.

Lewis the greyhound walking on Barassie Beach. The Isle of Arran is visible in the background.
Lewis walks on Barassie Beach. The Isle of Arran is visible in the background.

In the Town

Troon is a small town, with a population of around 15,000. Although it’s popular with day trippers, it can’t honestly be considered a tourist town. Troon is also home to a port which provides employment in the area.

The town’s main street is pleasant, if unremarkable. There are some old pubs and churches but most of the businesses are common chain stores. Troon is best known for its Royal Golf Course, and you can get a good view of the green from the train.

As we were visiting on a cold day in early March, the town centre was relatively quiet. But we were immediately struck by how many businesses were advertised as dog-friendly. Even a local beauty salon had a bowl of treats outside their door.

Lewis and Chase take a look around Troon town centre.

Lewis was wearing a 5th Birthday badge on his coat, which attracted attention from a few locals. One young woman cut short a phone conversation after noting that “cute dogs are passing” and asked us if she could wish Lewis a happy birthday. He was delighted with the attention, although Chase insisted on getting in on the action too.

Greyhound Party!

We were surrounded by great places to eat with dogs. But we eventually settled on Drift Café, thanks to its great location and dog-specific menu.

The café was a little small and it was packed with dogs. Because of that, we had to keep Chase’s muzzle on for most of the visit. But Lewis was happy to interact with dogs of all shapes and sizes and he got more human attention for his birthday badge.

We ordered a veggie burrito and savoury pancakes for ourselves. The food was good and not too high-priced. We also got the dogs a pupcake each and a puppuccino to share. Lewis practically lost his mind at the pupuccino, standing on his hind legs to eat and spraying cream everywhere. The staff didn’t seem to mind the chaos.

Lewis the greyhound stands on a table and licks a puppaccino.
Lewis caused a little birthday chaos!

Life’s a Beach

After the greyhound party at Drift, we took a quick walk over the road to Troon’s south beach. This small but sandy beach was practically deserted, but the dogs enjoyed the chance to have a quick jog on the sand.

We’ve visited this beach previously before Lewis stayed with us. On that occasion, it was a hot and sunny evening, and Chase had his first dip in the ocean. The gentle waves and sandy shores make this a great spot to introduce your pups to the sea.

Lewis the greyhound stands on Troon Beach, wearing a purple coat and a birthday badge.
Lewis enjoyed walking on Troon Beach

After we’d had our fun on the beach, it was time to head home. We boarded a train at Troon Station, which is a beautiful, old-fashioned station that has run since 1892. Although some of the buildings were destroyed in a fire in 2021, the station still maintains an air of Victorian beauty.

Visit Troon With Dogs

Visit Troon if you’re looking for a quiet day on the beach that’s super dog-friendly. Although nearby towns like Ayr offer a better range of attractions, Troon is often quieter and more relaxed.

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