Fair City Furpals – Visiting Perth With Dogs

Perth is known as Scotland’s Fair City. It’s one of our favourite places in Scotland thanks to its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

If you’re visiting Perth with dogs, there are a few things you should know. We took a trip with Chase to find the best dog-friendly spots.

Getting to Perth

From Glasgow Queen Street, there is a direct train to Perth twice an hour. You can also get a direct train from Edinburgh’s main stations once an hour, Inverness (once an hour) and Aberdeen (once an hour).

Chase relaxes on the train to Perth

If you’re travelling from England, there is a daily train from London, departing from King’s Cross at 12 PM. It stops at Newcastle (2.50 PM) and arrives in Perth just before 6 PM. It’s ideal for those looking for a city break with their dogs.

From Glasgow, this is a pleasant journey offering a good view of the Forth Bridge. The journey took just over an hour for us and expert traveller Chase took everything in his stride.

The City of Perth

Perth is a historic city, known for its key role in Scottish history. Scottish monarchs were once crowned at nearby Scone Abbey.

Today, the city is relatively small, with a population of just under 50,000 people. The city centre is normally fairly quiet and rarely gets crowded. In many ways, it feels similar to Dunfermline, although Perth’s riverfront gives it an edge in any competition between the two cities.

The River Tay runs through Perth’s historic centre

Perth is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. The River Tay runs through the centre, lined with gardens and narrow streets. It reminded me of a dream city design, truly worthy of the garden city moniker often applied to dull new towns.

Perth’s primary attractions are off-limits to dogs. Naturally, the historic buildings and galleries don’t allow four-legged visitors. But you can still enjoy several of these attractions from the outside. The Fair Maid’s House, Black Watch Castle and St John’s Kirk are worth a look.

Historic buildings in Perth

Dog-Friendly Attractions in Perth

If you’re visiting with dogs, be sure to make sure you come on a pleasant day, as most of the dog-friendly attractions are best enjoyed from the outside.

We visited Moncreiff Island, a small island in the middle of the Tay. The island contains a few pleasant walking trails. It’s fun to stand surrounded by nature while knowing you’re in the city centre. From the island, we watched a tractor fording the shallow river, heading towards the city centre. It just goes to show what a rural place Perth is!

Chase enjoys Moncrieff Island

After we’d explored Moncrieff Island, we crossed to the other side of the river where we found Branklyn Garden. This two-acre garden sits on a small foothill overlooking the Tay and is owned by the National Trust for Scotland. Established in 1922, it is home to several thousand species of plants. This was another pleasant spot that contributes to Perth’s relaxed vibes.

In Branklyn Gardens

Perth’s other famous outdoor spaces are the two Inches, North Inch and South Inch. Both of these sites were once islands in the River Tay, but today they are sprawling public parks. Chase enjoyed the Inches and was a little bit riled up by the sight of some off-lead dogs running quickly, but there was plenty of space to avoid other pets.

North Inch

South Inch has a pleasant boating lake with ducks and swans. It also has a statue of Sir Walter Scott, and is surrounded by historic houses and churches. North Inch is larger and was once the site of a bloody battle between two Scottish clans.

Dog-Friendly Cafes and Pubs in Perth

After all that walking, we’d worked up quite an appetite. For lunch, we visited the Brew and Chew dog-friendly café. They offered a small range of dog-specific items and Chase was delighted with his pupcake. We humans had paninis and they were great too!

Chase ate his pupcake, wrapper and all, shortly after this photo was taken. Whoops!

Lots of pubs and cafes in Perth welcome dogs. Some of the best include:

  • The Old Ship Inn, a pub located right on the banks of the Tay
  • Coffee & Things, a café with indoor and outdoor seating
  • Blend Coffee Lounge, a spacious café with sofas and modern tables

The city centre is packed with great offerings. Take a walk around and you’ll soon see a great place to eat with your dogs.

Staying in Perth With Dogs

Many people taking walking holidays choose to stay in Perth. The city makes a perfect base for those venturing into the Highlands.

There are lots of great dog-friendly hotels in Perth. The Royal George Hotel and the Salutation Hotel both offer luxury accommodation for people and pets alike.

Looking for something cheaper? The old reliable option of Travelodge has got you covered. There is a location in the city centre.

A Wonderful Trip

Perth is an excellent city, especially if you’re travelling with dogs. The city centre has a peaceful atmosphere and there are some fascinating historic sites to see. Perth might be a great place for a longer stay, as there are plenty of beautiful towns and villages in the surrounding region, many of them perfect for dogs.

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