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Early Life and Racing Career

On the 17th of May, 2016, Boreen Chase was born in County Galway, Ireland. His grandfather was Westmead Hawk, one of the most successful greyhounds of all time.

Bred and raised for racing, Chase first competed at tracks in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, including Galway, Drumbo Park and Dundalk.

Chase wins Coral Dog of the Month during his racing career

From there, he moved to England, where he competed at Hove on the south coast. He had some success, winning Coral Dog of the Month award and rising to A3 level, the fourth highest level of racing. He competed in 72 official races with 14 wins.


After wrapping up his racing career aged four, Chase was put up for adoption. He was brought to Scotland, around 450 miles north of Hove, as it was thought there was more chance of finding him a home in this area.

Taking a snooze

After a few weeks, Chase found his home, joining us in October 2020. With his new owners working from home, he had lots of care and attention to help him adjust.

Chase soon settled into pet life. He learned to climb the stairs, sit on a sofa and act politely in a house or flat. He made lots of friends and even did some modelling for Greyt Greyhound Gear.


Soon after he was adopted, Chase began travelling for pleasure. His first journeys as a pet was to the nearby town of Paisley. He quickly grew comfortable on trains and buses, and if asked “do you want to go on a train?” he will get excited and begin pulling towards his local train station.

Chase at Heaton Park in Bury after riding a classic tram.

He is an extremely confident dog who seems to be up for anything. Whether it’s taking a boat ride, visiting a museum or watching a football match, he takes it all in his stride.

Two years into his adoption, he has travelled to all five countries of the British Isles and visited major cities like London, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh. He’s also been to three Scottish islands!

Half and Half

Chase was born with a special white stripe on one side of his face. People love this remarkable pattern.

Chase’s cool stripe


Early Life and Racing Career

Kilquarry Lewis was born near the Scottish town of West Calder on the 9th of March, 2018. Just like Chase, his grandfather was the famed Westmead Hawk.

Lewis raced at Shawfield Stadium, near Glasgow. He competed in 11 official races, gaining two wins, before the track was shut down due to COVID-19. He had a brief trial spell at Pelaw Grange in Chester-Le-Street, England, but finished last in all his races.

Post-Racing Life

After retiring, Lewis was adopted by a family in the East of Scotland. However, it didn’t work out and he returned to the trust after around a year.

Sleepy Lewis

We met Lewis at a Greyhound Trust walk on Ayr Beach. After seeing how well he got on with Chase, we decided to foster him until he finds his forever home.


Just like Chase, Lewis loves to travel. He is a keen walker and adores meeting new friends on his journeys. He travelled to many destinations around Scotland, England and Wales during his time in foster.

Lewis enjoys the views at RSPB Lochwinnoch in Renfrewshire

Other Chase

Our friend Other Chase recently joined us on a trip to Stockport! That makes him the first non-greyhound to star on Visit With Dogs. This young chocolate lab is a good friend to Chase and Lewis and sometimes joins us on trips in the Manchester area.

Other Chase on a snowy, canalside walk

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