Is it difficult to care for greyhounds?

Greyhounds have certain specific needs. But they will happily sleep for the majority of the day, providing they get short walks. They also tend to be quiet dogs, rarely barking.

Greyhounds like to spend a lot of time relaxing

If you’re thinking about adopting a greyhound, think carefully about the dog’s needs and how you could meet them. You don’t need a big house or even a garden to adopt a hound. But you do need to be able to give them the attention and love they deserve.

Why do your dogs wear muzzles?

Both Chase and Lewis can be reactive in certain situations. Chase does not like certain breeds of dogs, while Lewis is extremely reactive to cats. The muzzles prevent the dogs from harming other animals, or themselves.

These muzzles do not stop the dogs from opening their mouths, barking, or even drinking. Both dogs are used to wearing muzzles and will happily stick their snouts inside.

Is it safe to bring dogs on public transport?

Absolutely! We have taken Chase and Lewis far and wide, on hundreds of journeys by train, bus and boat. By paying close attention to their needs and the needs of others, you can make travelling safe. Neither of our dogs have ever come to harm while travelling.

Chase and Lewis relax on a train

Where do your dogs get their clothes or accessories?

Most of what the dogs wear comes from Greyt Greyhound Gear, a small company that donates all profits to greyhound charities. Some other items were donated or came with them when they were adopted/fostered.

Chase models a Greyt Greyhound Gear coat

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